About Lucia

“She’s just a little human that needs to be loved.”

LuBird’s Light Foundation was founded in honor of a little girl named Lucia, affectionately called “LuBird.” Lucia was born with a rare genetic condition called Pallister Killian Syndrome or PKS and is affected from head to toe.  While Lucia faces many challenges she is still just a little girl who wants to experience the joy, love and laughter in life.

Lucia is Latin for light and despite being nonverbal, in a wheelchair, legally blind and more, she has always been a beautiful shining light to her family.  At 2 weeks old Lucia’s parents were given the severe and bleak diagnosis of PKS.  While leaving the genetics office after receiving the news, cradling their first born beautiful little girl, tears streaming down their faces, the geneticist said something to them they will never forget.  “She’s just a little human that needs to be loved.”  Those words spoken to them by Dr. Gary Bellis from Children’s Hospital Colorado have resonated with Lucia’s family.  Kids with special needs are actually so similar to every other kid, every other human.  We all just need and deserved to be loved and given experiences.  Lucia's favorite joy is swinging in a supported swing and this is the inspiration for the Foundation.  LuBird’s Light Foundation strives to create a brighter world for exceptional kids.

Lucia Dawkins lives in Denver, CO with her parents, Jason and Juliet, and two younger siblings, Scout and River, plus two furry loving dogs.  

LuBird’s Light Foundation is a 501c3 organization founded in 2017.

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